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What is an Air Canada Travel Voucher?

There are various types of vouchers Air Canada offers to the passengers traveling with the airline. Some of them include Air Canada Travel Voucher, Electronic Travel Voucher, ACCredit, and eCoupons.

Here are important points you need to know about the Air Canada Travel Voucher:

  • The passenger or the traveler owning it can use it again and again till the point it does not get exhausted.

  • To redeem the travel voucher, you can either visit the Air Canada website or you can call the Air Canada customer service number. Yes, both options are available to you.

  • The airline uses the Reuters Currency Calculator to calculate the exchange rates when vouchers are in various other currencies.

  • The airline does not accept vouchers when you are sing the Mobile App for the payments. Also, this becomes applicable if you are checking-in online via the website.

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