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Ever heard of the phrase “Life gets better after 40”? I'm like 40 is such a confident age. 40 sounds like Sofia Vergara, Halle Berry, Naomi Watts, Salma Hayek the list is endless. You've skin treatments for face spent years in the skin, learning how to take care of it. You've embraced a minor makeup look since the insecurities you'd in your 20s and 30s aren't there anymore. Then certain questions commence to appear, “Why doesn't my makeup sit exactly the same anymore? Or, why is it that whenever I have sparkly eyeshadow about it always falls into my wrinkles highlighting them? Eyeliner on my lower lashes? No thank you.” Sounds like it is time to fully switch up your makeup routine. What worked for you in your younger days may certainly not squeeze into your current reality. Both perks out of this? You're able to embrace this new chapter in your lifetime and second, yay to shopping (just don't take the whole Sephora house or apartment with you). Keep reading to learn the utmost effective makeup methods for your 40s.

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