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Writing the Advisory Part of the Thesis

The diploma project includes three main sections: theoretical, analytical and recommendatory. The first one is designed to attract the attention of the audience, talk about the main aspects, research methods, define goals and objectives, subject and object. The second section should demonstrate the ability to analyze the situation, determine the strengths and weaknesses of the object of study, and apply the theory in practice. The recommendatory part of the diploma project actually combines the ability to make decisions in a particular situation based on existing knowledge.

Why do we need a recommendation section?

This part of the thesis performs the following functions:

  • reveals the author's capabilities, his analytical, creative and other abilities;

  • demonstrates the ability of the researcher to substantiate and argue his position;

  • shows the possibilities of planning actions and predicting results under specific circumstances based on the analysis;

  • demonstrates the author's ability to quickly adapt and make decisions;

  • reflects the level of professionalism, knowledge of terminology, readiness for practical actions.

What can be reflected in the third chapter of the thesis?

Experienced teachers and authors of works recommend breaking the recommendatory part into several sub-items: identifying problems, proposing measures to eliminate them, analyzing the effectiveness of the proposed actions and their consequences.

At the beginning of the recommendatory part, it is necessary to reflect brief conclusions on the analysis (the second chapter of the study). Do not copy the conclusions set out in the analytical section. It is necessary to indicate the identified problems with a brief justification for the need to correct the situation. The text should be structured, logically connected. All conclusions must be reasoned, and the literature and information used in the course of writing the recommendatory part must be reliable and reasonable.

Further, the author proposes measures that will increase the efficiency of the facility and solve its problems. Each measure must be supported by an evidence base that reflects the need for action, their validity and expediency, which may result in inaction. The final stage of the recommendatory part of the diploma project is to determine the effectiveness of the proposed activities. The researcher needs to indicate what his advice will lead to, what will change (what happened before and will happen after), how to implement the proposed activities, what consequences should be expected.

What to pay attention to?

The third chapter of the final work is more dependent on the specialty, discipline and topic of work. Some need to improve efficiency, optimize costs or personnel, change the policy or strategy of the company, others need to analyze the debt or conditions of suppliers, develop a plan to enter a new sales market, etc. The main task of the author is to tell, advise how to do this (within the framework of specific topic).

When writing recommendations, it is necessary to build on the conclusions. Each conclusion contained in the paragraphs and previous chapters should be reflected in the recommendations and proposed actions. The effectiveness of the recommendations will largely depend on the correctness and soundness of the conclusions. Pay attention to the wording of the advice. Do not express thoughts in long and complex sentences. It will only confuse readers. Recommendations should be presented in a concise, concise and clear manner.

It is important that the author be able to calculate the effectiveness of the proposed measures and demonstrate it on certain indicators of the organization's activities. In most cases, each action of management is reflected in the financial position of the company, so the best option is economic calculations. If the thesis is purely theoretical, then it is necessary to skillfully prove your point of view, based on reliable sources. The recommendatory part of the graduation project is designed to demonstrate the importance of changes, the practical significance of the entire study.

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