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If you are trying to set up your Orbi router for the very first time or you want to make changes to your Orbi router then you’ll need to access the Orbi Admin Login page. It’s the web user interface of your orbi router, that will grant you access to every feature of your Orbi product.

By login into the Orbi admin page, you can do several kinds of stuff. You can change your wireless password, network name, or SSID, update the router, and many more.

To access the Orbi router Admin login URL , you need to make sure that your client device is connected to the Orbi router’s network or to the satellite unit. Otherwise, you’ll end up with an unwanted error or website, which is not from Orbi itself. You may also need to ensure that your client device’s browser is up to date and there is no virus running around.

Once you are ready, with the perquisites, you can type the default in the URL bar. Which will take you to the Orbi router Admin login page. There you’ll be asked to enter your Orbi password and then you’ll be granted access to your router.

Orbi Router Admin Login

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