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Bubble Wrap Printing

This fun, sensory activity makes art with a tried-and-true child favorite — bubble wrap! As they pop, press and squish, they’ll be immersed in discovery while developing fine motor skills. Try creating fun patterns, like stripes, dots, and chevrons, and cutting printed paper into shapes, mosaics or other designs. For a more tactile (and messy) version of this activity, try finger paint!



Bubble wrap (multiple sizes are extra fun!) 

Washable markers

Wet wipes (optional)

How to: 

1. Color the bubble wrap with markers.

2. Print/push the colored bubble wrap onto paper.

3. Continue to push and print onto paper, adding different colors, shapes, and patterns.  

4. Use wet wipes to “clean” bubble wrap for new colors (or combine colors and see what happens!)  

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