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"time spent playing with children

is never wasted"

– dawn lantero

who should apply?
  • Friendly, energetic, and dependable people

  • People dedicated to the mission of the GRCM

  • Ages 14 years old to 104 years young!

  • People who love to play

  • Adult Volunteers—whether you prefer to assist with field trip visits, help research ideas, read stories, paint exhibits, or sew costumes, we have opportunities for you!

  • Corporate/Group Volunteers—many corporations and organizations partner with the Museum by their employees volunteering individually or as members of a group volunteer team. These groups usually choose a day when a large number of volunteers are needed. This might be when an exhibit is being moved in or out or, perhaps, in preparation for a special event.

  • Youth Volunteers—range in age from 14 to 18. Youth Volunteers spend their time interacting directly with Museum visitors.

  • Interns—hold a variety of positions and provide valuable support throughout the entire organization. Intern applicants typically have completed 2-3 years at a university or college. Internships usually are between 120 hours to 300 hours during a semester.

how to apply

Volunteer Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis.

[Download the volunteer application] or pick one up at the Museum. If you are under the age of 18, a signed Parental Permission Form must also be completed prior to volunteering.

Return completed application and signed Parental Permission Form to GRCM.

Please note: It will take one week for the GRCM to complete the volunteer screening process.

Contact the Museum after that time to schedule your first volunteer visit.

Volunteer Application Form

Give us a hand & start making a difference

Volunteer FAQ

How often can I volunteer?

Some volunteers arrange to come on a regular basis every week and other volunteers contact us when their schedule permits, perhaps twice each month. REMEMBER: Each time you would like to volunteer you must contact the Museum and arrange for a volunteer time slot.


What do I need to do before I start volunteering?

Adults (18 years of age +) need to submit a Volunteer Application to the Museum. After your application has been processed you can schedule your first visit. Teens (14 to 18 years of age) need to submit a Volunteer Application AND a signed Parental Permission Form prior to volunteering.


What if I sign up to volunteer and later find out I am no longer available?

We realize that things come up and plans do change. We ask that you contact the Museum as soon as you realize you will not be able to make your scheduled volunteer time. Please call the Volunteer Manager, at 616.235.4726 or call the front desk at 616.235.4726.


How can I get verification of the hours I have volunteered?

Often schools and other organizations require a special form to be completed by the Museum verifying volunteer hours. Please bring this form with you on the day you volunteer so we can sign

the form at the end of your volunteer visit.


Can I bring a friend to volunteer too?

Yes, BUT only if your friend has completed the volunteer application process too. When you call to schedule your volunteer time slot make sure to let us know that you and a friend would like to come

at the same time.


What about cell phones?

We ask that if you carry a cellphone on you that you only use it in case of emergencies. This way you can focus your attention on the guests and PLAY! The staff will be happy to show you where these items can be stored.


Is there a dress code?

Yes, but don’t worry. It’s very simple – clean, comfortable, casual clothes. There are a few things we ask you NOT to wear:

  • Shirts—School or GRCM logo T-shirts are okay. Please no other pictures or words on shirts.

  • Keep warm-no bare midriffs or tank tops.

  • Shorts—No cut-off shorts. Shorts must be an appropriate length, at least 3″ above the knee.

  • Pants—No athletic, nylon, sweat or mesh pants.

  • Shoes—No sandals. Closed toed shoes are a must. Athletic shoes or other comfortable shoes are great!


What days and times are volunteers needed?

There are certain peak hours when volunteer help is especially needed. Museum staff can discuss these times with you when you are scheduling a volunteer visit.


How many hours can I volunteer each visit?

We suggest a 3 hour shift is the perfect amount of time to volunteer each visit.


Have More Questions?

Please contact the Volunteer Manager at 616.235.4726.

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