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Make a Mini-Book

March is reading month, the perfect time to make your very own collection of mini-books! With just a few simple materials, you can capture the stories, scribbles and other treasures living inside those big imaginations.


Colored paper

#10 envelopes

Hole punch



Craft stick

Rubber bands

How to: 

1. Fold the short side of the paper in half so you end up with a long rectangle. Then fold the rectangle in half. You should end up with a 4.25”x5.5” rectangle. This will be the cover of your book.

2. Punch two holes — one near the top of the spine/fold and one near the bottom (appx 1” from top/bottom edge and 1/2” from spine).

3. Seal the envelopes, then fold long end in half to make 4”x5” rectangles. These will be your pages.

4. Place envelope, fold to fold, inside cover. Use pencil to trace holes from cover. Repeat for each envelope. 

5. Punch holes along pencil marks on envelopes. While folded, stack envelopes so holes line up.

6. From back to front, thread one rubber band through the holes at top edge. Thread craft stick through rubber band loop on front side of book. Repeat for holes at bottom edge, and loop craft stick through again. 

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