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Make a pinecone bird feeder

Understanding the world around us is an important developmental skill.

Help your child interact with nature with a tactile experience that also builds

fine motor skills, made from a few simple materials around your home (and yard)! 

We'll be making these in the museum on Friday, November 22nd.



string, yarn or ribbon

peanut butter, shortening or lard

birdseed mix

spoon or craft stick


How to: 

1. Tie a piece of string around the pinecone to create a hanging loop

2. Spread peanut butter or alternative over all sides of pinecone

3. Pour 1/2” deep layer of birdseed in a bowl, sprinkle or roll pinecone in birdseed

4. Hang your feeder on a tree or other outdoor structure and watch the birds feast

on your creation!

*check out our monthly calendar on our homepage for a list of daily programs and activities


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