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Splatter Painting

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

This activity is like art-in-action, where kids can drip, drop and splatter to make personalized paintings that capture their creativity. As they “paint”, children can experiment with different splatter techniques — circular vs. up-and-down motions; close vs. far away; wrist vs. whole arm flicks. Learning the concept of cause and effect helps develop early problem-solving skills, and boosts creative confidence and self-esteem. 


Runny paint in cups

Paper or canvas

Spoon or brush

How to: 

1. Cover your work surface with a drop cloth or newspaper. Or use cardboard box or tray to contain paint.

2. Dip your brush or spoon into runny paint, then flick your wrist to splatter the paint across the paper.

3. Continue with more colors.

4. Let dry 

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