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This interactive exhibit—inspired by the Wimee’s Words show, as seen on PBS, featuring the popular puppet robot, Wimee—will create a place where children’s dreams can be visualized and realized in a fun, playful, and imaginative setting.

This brand-new exhibit includes:

⛅ An interactive green screen that allows children to experience the magic of green screen technology
⛅ Blast off in Wimee’s rocket boat and explore the giant Everbright light wall in an outer space galaxy world, complete with glowing planets and twinkling stars
⛅ Dress up in costumes and play with props like zebras, giant crayons, and cupcakes inspired by Wimee’s Dreams
⛅ A pretend camera to film a make-believe broadcast
⛅ Put on your own show, just like Wimee the Robot!

Wimee’s Dreams, a collaboration between the Grand Rapids Children's Museum & Wimage, will be on display at the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum from September 2022 through September 2024.


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