DIY photo magnets

Here’s a simple DIY gift that your kids can make for the holidays. These are great stocking stuffers or handmade gifts to share with grandparents, friends, caregivers or teachers. Plus, they make the perfect memory-filled display for your fridge. We’ll be making handmade gifts at the museum throughout December during GiftWorks.


Small metal lids (eg. baby food or mason jar)


Acrylic paint or permanent markers

Hot glue gun or glue dots



Pencil or pen

How to: 

1. On back of photo, trace around lid.

2. Cut out the photo inside the line you traced.

3. Decorate the edges of lid with paint or markers. Let dry. 

4. Apply glue around inner ring of inside of lid; place circle photo inside.

5. Attach/glue a magnet to the back of the lid (magnetic side facing out).

*check out our monthly calendar on our homepage for a list of daily programs and activities

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